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#33 Eliminate Exceptional Cases before the Main Logic

When writing code, you naturally want the code to be readable so it can be maintained easily.  Generally, you try to reduce the cognitive load, and one recommendation is to handle exception cases that might occur up front, in a small, localized … Continue reading

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Email Address IS your ID

Some sites still require a “user id” which is separate from your email address.  Why?

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Keep It Simple: Factory

Some of our development is done by outside contractors, and they have a long list of “code policies” for producing good code.  I have nothing against such policies in theory, but in practice it leads a lot of unnecessary work, … Continue reading

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SSO: What is it?

Single Sign On (SSO) is a term that is used and abused in the industry.  Most of us think we know what it means — and most of us do, but still many of us have a slightly different and … Continue reading

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