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Factoring Functionality: Who Needs to Know?

There are many ways you can break the functionality of a program into blocks that are manageable: some right, some wrong.  This post promotes a simple principle.  The primary way should be around “who needs to know.”

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XML vs. JSON vs. YML

Here is a side by side comparison of the same data presented in three common formats.  How do they compare?  What are they good for?

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BibTeX: What Authors Need To Know

Books and article with cite other references.  LaTeX will format the references (bibliography) section quite well and quite automatically as long as it is given a BibTeX file to read the information from.   If you have a list of references … Continue reading

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Good Error Messages Can Be Easy

Here is an error message I encountered one day.  It is frustrating, because obviously the code was checking something, but it is frustrating because you get no real clues what the problem really was, and a simple change would make … Continue reading

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Don’t Erase Wrong Data

Data validation is a tricky area for usability.   On one hand you help the user by catching possible error early.  On the other hand, the validation check can not be perfect, so there are important errors to avoid.

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