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Holographic Testing Technique

I write a lot of code, and I want there to be solid tests on that code.  Creating tests can be tedious, and that prevents many good tests from being written.  Also, because tests can be fragile, maintaining those tests … Continue reading

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Excessive Branch Use Causes Technical Debt and Increases Risk of Bugs

Agile practitioners already know that technical debt is that accumulation of unfinished work can cause projects to be late late late.  Building up a lot of technical debt is a problem because the debt needs to be payed before you … Continue reading

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Counting Source Lines

I rarely count the number of lines of source — but here is a quick script to do it.

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Incremental Development

I happened across this excellent and perfect depiction of incremental development.  The image addresses on of the key flaws in thinking that lead some agile projects to fail.  So let’s discuss a bit.

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Discuss Each Bug Report Only Once

Run your team in an action oriented way.  Sometimes, the same bug gets discussed over and over, and this represents a waste, particularly when they are discussed in a group.  Be mindful of this, and while it is not entirely … Continue reading

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