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Eliminate Useless Comments

Be careful what you ask for.   I was reviewing some code that had absolutely no comments. I asked the developer to add some comment.   So, indeed they did, however the comments added no value to the code at all.   There … Continue reading

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Content Free Documentation

I was trying to use an open source tool, and reading the documentation, I was frustrated by more content free documentation.  Here is the example.

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LaTeX: What I wish I had known, Part 1

I do a lot of writing, and I switched recently from a variety of word processors etc. to LaTeX. It is free, well supported, and does a great job of typesetting books. But for a normal business user with a … Continue reading

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The Error Message IS the Documentation

Another example of content free documentation below: documentation that is a waste of screen space even to display it on the screen.  Here the issue is a development team so enamored with Documentation (with a capital D) that they really … Continue reading

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