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Classic Date Drift Case Study

A waterfall project is required to predict dates that certain things will happen in the future.  There are usually many pieces of the project, each with their own date, and each dependent upon others.  No one can change a date … Continue reading

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Partial Agile: No Such Thing

On several occasions in the past, I have heard software engineering management suggest that they would like to “try” an Agile approach by implementing it in part of a project.  For example one feature, a couple of team members, would work in … Continue reading

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Growing Software like a Plant

Maybe it is helpful to view the development of a software in using an Agile approach as being like way that a small tree grows.  In contrast, development of software using waterfall is like that of a factory.  The difference between a tree … Continue reading

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Complex Projects need Agile MORE than Smaller Projects

I met another Japanese executive last week who said “An Agile approach may be fine for other projects, but our software is big and complex, and because of that we have to use Waterfall approach.”  This is the exact opposite from … Continue reading

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Don't Fear Rewriting New Code

The last post #28 Avoid “Test Script” Fever was about simplifying an implementation that was more elaborate than it needed to be.  There was a waterfall-style project in exactly this situation, and leader responded saying “It has already been coded the … Continue reading

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Waterfall method fails to account for unseen benefits

My epiphany for today comes from working with a team dedicated to developing software using a waterfall methodology, and how there is a decision patterns that leads teams to produce worse code.

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